Best looking shoes from the Eighties

The 80’s was a great era with many path-breaking developments in areas such as fashion, technology, and much more. One of the highlights of the Eighties was the range and wide variety of the sneakers launched in the market. The amazing thing about ’80s shoes is their technical specifications and power-packed performance. Here is the list of some of the best looking shoes from the eighties-

  • Avia 880

One of the most stylish looking shoes of the 80’s, Avia was actually worn by many famous sports personalities such as the likes of Clyde Drexler, Robert Parish, and much more.

  • Nike Sock Racer

The shoe was designed and marketed as the lightweight version of the marathon shoe and was majorly preferred by tri-athletes. Later, the design of this sock racer picked up tremendously, and it became one of the most liked shoes of the Eighties.

  • Adidas Fire

The unique and good looking shoes that featured the nondescript upper and an ahead-of-its-time midsole equipped with varying density foam. The specifications allowed the runner to adjust firmness as needed.

  • Airwalk Prototype

This armored high-top was the perfect combination of the traditional skate footwear and the ’80s basketball shoes that set a style quotient of its own.

  • Reebok the Pump

The Pump released in 1980’s, established a high-water mark for technical basketball footwear in the segment. One of the best looking shoes of the eighties, the Pump’s release in 80’s featured valve on the heel to give it a more sturdy and industrious look which proved to be a game changer.