Reliable Towing Services for your Business

A business like ours means keeping a large amount of stock. You never know when something will just start flying off the shelves without warning. Of course, we can’t keep all that stock in one place. The store has space for a lot, but we keep the rest stored elsewhere.


It’s only practical, you know?


Of course, keeping most of the stock off-site means that you need to make arrangements for them to come to the store at some point. Inventory is necessary, and not having the right pairs of shoes in stock at the right time can lead to lost sales and bad word of mouth.


Naturally, this leads to having company trucks that can handle the transport. You need reliable machines and drivers. Of course, even with the most reliable drivers in the business, you’re still at risk. Cars can break down, and road conditions can conspire to cause headaches.


Recently, this happened to us. One of our trucks broke down on the road while transporting a critical resupply of our best-selling favourite shoes. You can imagine that was a headache, with how fast those pairs were selling the past few days.


Naturally, I called up a tow truck to handle things.


The guys over at were my go-to. They’ve towed for me before, and I trust the crews not to wreck anything.


Anytime you need something hauled; you inevitably want professionals on the job. Your driver, whom you theoretically trust to take care of the vehicle, isn’t running the show. That means you’re worried about potential damage to your investment – and that’s what the truck is, in the long term.


Anyway, I called up the guys I linked to. I’ve worked with them before, and I know my truck is in good hands. More importantly, the merchandise in the vehicle is in good hands.


Okay, so I know shoes aren’t exactly going to shatter if they hit a bump in the road. However, I still prefer to minimise that sort of thing, especially if the packaging isn’t as likely to bounce back as the contents.


They drove over to where my truck was and started towing. I figured I’d need to call for a mechanic to look over the truck because my driver had no idea what was wrong with it. Good thing the towing guys got there in time.


The only catch was that I had to send them to the mechanic. I couldn’t ask them to bring it into the shop for unloading because that could take a while. I didn’t want to have them sitting around doing nothing while that was going on. I didn’t want to pay them twice to have them tow it to the shop after, either.


It meant having to slow down business for a day. Also hoping that the remaining stock wouldn’t run out too early. Fortunately, that was what happened, and the whole thing didn’t turn out so bad.


Incidentally, the mechanic figured out what went wrong with the truck. Something on the road damaged parts of the engine, so the tank emptied.